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Baar Products, Inc.

"Studied and Researched by
Doctors and Foundations"  

PO Box 60, Downingtown , Pennsylvania, 19335, United States

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Baar Products, Inc., the manufacturer of the Baar Radiac device, uses the principles discovered by Edgar Cayce, an American mystic who lived in the early twentieth century. Cayce recommended Radiac devices as a way to improve meditation and spiritual health. Because the mind and body are linked, practitioners of holistic medicine believe that the use of the Baar Radiac can also improve overall physical well-being.

Manufactured exclusively by Baar Products, the Baar Radiac carries an endorsement from the Association for Research and Enlightenment, a group founded by Cayce to explore Cayce’s thought and practice. Baar Radiac works by balancing a user’s energies. When these energies are properly balanced, the mind can enter a more complete meditative state.

Each Baar Radiac comes sealed in a casing that prevents cracking and moisture damage. It carries a lifetime guarantee and is designed to accommodate a single user. The starter set includes the Baar Radiac device, wires with attachment discs and fasteners, instructions for use, emery paper, and a protection cap. Advanced users may wish to purchase a set of solutions to improve their Radiac experiences.

Bruce Baar, the owner of Baar Products and a Doctor of Naturopathy, uses the Baar Radiac on a daily basis. He recommends that users attach the device in one of four positions and select a different position each day until they’ve cycled through them all. He has found that a half-hour of the product’s use a day improves dream experiences and can bring about spiritual awakening. Dr. Baar makes each Baar Radiac by hand and has written several books and pamphlets on its proper use. To purchase a Baar Radiac or to learn more about the device, visit www.baar.com.


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