Avi Aranbaiev

Avi Aranbaiev


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About Me

I am 37 years old. I started with Liori Diamonds from day 1. I used to be in a different business, but I got sick and couldn't be in my business anymore. With not too much hope or direction my dear friend asked me if I would like to do what I always did as a side thing, and that was this. We got an office and just worked long hours. Now we have a showroom and a stock of any colored diamond you can possibly want and any size as well! This business is AMAZING due to our great customers we have grabbed over the years.


About the company

Liori Diamonds is an online retailer of a wide array of diamond rings. Offering a large selection of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, and more, the company's website offers pictures of each make and model.

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2 West, 47th Street, Suite 1205, New York, NY, 10036
United States