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Are gamers of free games actually stingy?

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You think that gamers that play free games are resourceful people that want to have a full game experience but only for free? Or do you think that gamers who play free games are just people with too much free time?

It’s hard to tell, because most of the gamers that play free games are surely all of that and even more. Some of people would tell that gamers who play only free games are a bit stingy because they would rather browse on the internet for hours looking for the best web sites that offer free games and they would rather lose time on that than actually buy a game. I was one of the gamers who played only free games. I adored games I could play on my cell phone but I didn’t want to pay any of those games. I used to find ways to avoid paying games and I was very resourceful, like every gamer of free games. I had million of free games on my cell phone and I was never bored – I could wait in lines, drive in bus or do lots of boring things because I could play free games anywhere and anytime.

My favorite free game was the one that includes birds that have only one goal – to kill all the smiling, naughty and green pigs and to smash wood, bricks, glass and stone in the same time. It was my favorite free game until I decided I should buy the full version. I did it because I couldn’t look at the same levels of the free game version over and over again. I loved the game, but the free game version just wasn’t enough for me! I wanted more levels, more birds and more pigs! And so I have bought my first game. It was very cheap, so I thought I could handle it.

But then I saw the little toys in a form of characters from the game. I saw flip flops, backpacks, special editions of the game, T-shirts, costumes, cell phone cases and many, many other things that are related to the game and that are much more expensive than the game which was once a free game! And I have felt the urge to buy all of those things because once you start spending money, you simply can’t stop! I have stopped myself and decided I wouldn’t buy another game. I’m still a gamer that plays only free games, but sometimes, just sometimes, I turn on that game just to hear that familiar tweet… Ah, love the free games.

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