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Data loss prevention: top four ways

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Data loss is a common affair for every individual who uses a computer. Most people loose some of their important documents every now and then. It is especially problematic for all those who use word processing software. There can be nothing more frustrating to an individual than loosing important data which is not easily available. You have spent a lot of time in creating them and now it is all lost. Most users create these documents directly on their computers and hence one the data is lost, it’s lost.

In order to prevent data loss, you must remember a few things:

1.    You should never store your data on the same drive as your operating system. While most computers prompt their users to store data in the My Documents folder it is not the best place to store data. Whether your computer is attacked by virus or has a software failure, this is the place that gets affected the most. In such cases the only solution is reinstallation which results in loss of data on your part.

2.    Always keep back ups of your files. Creating regular backups of your files is extremely important. Have more than a single backup. Include CDs, floppies, pen drives, etc along with storage of data in another location in your computer.

3.    Be careful while downloading email attachments. They quite often contain harmful viruses or Trojans. These cause you to loose data and this happens quite often when you are collaborating on any document and sending it via email.
4.    We don’t often admit it but quite often we are the responsible for our own problems. User’s error is quite common when it comes to data loss. Thus whenever you are working on a document be careful. Do not delete major portions while editing and if you can save files every now and then.

If you follow these methods there can sure be major Data Loss Prevention - Institute Of Education.

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