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Understand Your Dreams

We ALL dream every night. Dreams contain messsages from our subconscious to help us understand our feelings about life.

But our dreams are seldom easy to understand. Our dreams are made up of symbols that each have a specific meaning.

This site is designed to help you:

  • Remember more of your dreams
  • Find out what they mean
  • Learn about dream interpretation
  • Compare your dreams to others

Begin by searching our dream database. Had a dream about a dog, a car, a house? These are all common dream symbols. Try searching for them and reading the interpretations that follow the dreams.


Then go ahead and add your dream to our database. You'll need to create a free account first. This will give our dream interpreter a chance to review it.

Also, check out our dream articles. The more you learn about dreams, the more you'll remember and the more they will be able to help you.


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