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Under the sure and steady guidance and leadership of owner Bob Fields, Arrow Ribbon and Laser has emerged as a highly successful and dependable business printing supplier. The company has managed to make innovative transitions in product technology and system structures while keeping to straight business policies and unparalleled customer service. At Arrow Ribbon and Laser, it is always the customer who is king, and this is evident in the way everyone focuses on the customer’s needs and priorities. Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are what the company specializes in, particularly Kitchen Printer Ribbons. This kind of system creates a direct link between serving stations, the kitchen and bookkeeping. To illustrate how the unique and ingenuous configuration works, when a server takes a customer’s order from the serving station, the collected data is then punched into an Arrow Ribbon and Laser-supplied workstation. Then from there, the input data is sent to the kitchen, where the cooks get their copies. The entire system takes mere seconds to facilitate, and the full process of ordering, keeping track of products that sell and when they sell, are easily integrated with bookkeeping functions of the business organization. Manpower is used more effectively (as the server can stay longer on the floor), the cooks get the exact customer order as relayed to the serving station, and bookkeeping gets a precise copy of frontline activity on an on-demand or automatic basis. When you call Arrow Ribbon and Laser with your order, it’s as easy as placing an order in your own restaurant or hotel, where you are accorded the highest priority.

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