Arie Abekasis

Arie Abekasis

Founder and Owner

Diditan Luxury Home Builders


About Me

A business professional based in Los Angeles area in California, Arie Abekasis offers diverse experience in the areas of luxury home building, real estate, and design. In his role as founder of the Diditan Group, a custom luxury home builder firm, Arie Abekasis draws on extensive experience in the fashion industry to oversee the design, construction, and sale of luxury homes.  

Arie Abekasis strives to create living spaces that reflect the unique personality of each client. The company's homes combine elegant design with superior craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind homes that incorporate authentic details from Italy’s unique architecture and culture into each custom design. 

In addition to his experience in home design, Arie Abekasis is an experienced real estate investor. He actively seeks partners interested in building luxury homes or investing in other real estate development opportunities. He enjoys a successful history of investment partnerships and has achieved consistent rates of return on investments.


About the company

The Diditan Group is a premier luxury home builder and developer with over 15 years of experience in creating distinguished custom homes and multi-unit projects while providing in-house financing and real estate services to ensure clients obtain the best industry rates in prime locations within the greater Los Angeles area.

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