Aramais Paronyan

Aramais Paronyan

Retired medical professional

Good Health Medical Center 


About Me

Retired medical professional Aramais Paronyan, MD, grew up in the Republic of Georgia and Armenia before commencing his career in the United States. His California family medicine practice Good Health Medical Clinic offered free care to Armenian, Hispanic, and Russian immigrants while promoting community involvement. Along with running his practice, Dr. Paronyan participated in numerous humanitarian endeavors. Engaged in the fundraising and construction of the main cathedral of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, Aramais Paronyan, MD, earned the title of Diocesan Grand Benefactor. 

In another notable project, Dr. Paronyan coproduced the film If Only Everyone through the company Blitz Promotions, Inc. Released in 2012, this film was chosen as Armenia's candidate for Best Foreign Language Feature for the 85th Academy Awards. Directed by Natalia Belyauskene, If Only Everyone took place during the Nagorno-Karabakh War and told the story of an Armenian veteran who befriended the daughter of a fallen soldier. Additionally, Dr. Aramais Paronyan twice financed a Los Angeles film festival showcasing Russian language movies.


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