Anthony Sargeant

Anthony Sargeant

Professor of Physiology Retired 

North American and European Universities


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Anthony Sargeant is now retired having spent his career in physiology research.
At present he is renovating his 17th century house and playing the piano. His area of special interest was human  muscle function although he has published on many aspects of physiology including temperature regulation, circadian rhythm, etc. 

This review article by Professor Anthony J Sargeant summarizes his research and thoughts on human muscle structure and function.
Structural and functional determinants of human muscle power
Anthony J. Sargeant

Tony Sargeant was awarded his PhD by the Board of Studies in Physiology of London University in the 1970s when he was working for the Environmental Physiology research Unit of The Medical Research Council based in university of London's School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

More information  on his peer reviewed original research papers can be found at the Pub Med site or by searching for aj sargeant (his usual professional title on publications):

Tony Commends and supports the work of OXFAM - please follow link:

I can be contacted via my Facebook page which is "Anthony Sargeant" but make sure you get the right one! There are lots of Anthony Sargeant s it seems.


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Anthony Sargeant started his career working for The Medical Research Council (UK)

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