Anita Marke

Anita Marke

Gardening Enthusiast

About Me

An avid baker, prolific gardener, and world traveler, Anita Marke has pursued a number of personal projects over the last several years. Most recently, she decided to enroll in culinary school and hopes to pursue a career as a professional cake baker. In addition to her love of the culinary arts, Anita Marke cares for a beautiful garden that features some of her favorite flowers. This year, she plans to enter her stunning orchids in the local garden fair.

In addition to her love of cooking and gardening, Anita Marke has a passion for traveling and has traveled extensively around the world. She has visited such places as South Africa and Israel, as well as an array of countries in South America and Western Europe. Traveling overseas has opened Ms. Marke's eyes to new cultures and different perspectives on world history. This was most exemplified during her trip to Jerusalem, where she experienced the influence that religions have had throughout history and gained a deeper understanding of the roles that different faiths continue to play in the city today.


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