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About Andy Bloch

Andrew Bloch, better known as Andy Bloch, is an American professional poker player born on June 1, 1969 in Orange, Connecticut. He is one of the few poker players who have a strong academic background, as he holds two degrees in electrical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as a law degree from Harvard Law School. His academic accomplishment has enabled him to be an expert in game theory also. He has designed computer chips, was a stock trader, and was also a crew member on a yacht which sailed from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Andy Bloch was a popular poker player in MIT blackjack team and he played in the weekends (in one session while playing blackjack he made up to $100,000) and improved his card counting skill. Bloch started playing seriously in 1992, entering some small $35 weekly tournaments once a month.

Andy Bloch walked away with the first prize and $42,920 at the World Poker Finals World Poker Tour Season 1 Event #16 – Limit 7 Card Stud in November 2002. He finished third at the LA Poker Classic - WPT Season 1 Event #24 – WPT No-Limit Hold’em and took away $125,460 in February 2003.
He got second place and $39,125 at the Legends of Poker WPT Season 2 Limit Hold’em & Seven Card Stud in September 2003. Andy Bloch won the first place and $13,500 at the 2004 Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge No-Limit Hold’em in September 2004. His amazing performance won him the first prize and an awesome $102,750 at the Hot Tex No-Limit Hold’em in October 2004.

In 2005, Andy Bloch won many cash prizes for his consistent performances in events which include two first prizes also. His first-place finish at the Rio Las Vegas Poker Tournament –WSOP Circuit Limit Hold’em (Event #4) fetched him $25,495 in May. In July 2005, at the Ultimate Poker Challenge No-Limit Hold’em, he won the first place and walked away with $167,500 in prize money.

The 37th Annual World Series of Poker Event #20 – WSOP No Limit H.O.R.S.E. witnessed a remarkable game from Andy Bloch who won the second place and bagged $1,029,600 in July 2006. In the same tournament, his eighth-place finish at the Event #14 – WSOP No-Limit Hold’em fetched him $67,357.

Andy Bloch played an impressive game at the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship – No-Limit Hold’em and finished fifth to take away $75,000. In July 2007, he secured 11th place at the 38th Annual WSOP Event #50 – Pot-Limit Omaha World Championship and earned $33,493.

In February 2008, Andy Bloch played an exceptional game at the No-Limit Hold’em NBC National Championships, which got him second place and a huge sum of $250,000. The 39th WSOP 2008 Event #1 – Pot-Limit Hold’em World Championship marked another major victory for Andy Bloch for he made an awesome $488,048 by finishing second.

Andy Bloch plays online poker at Full Tilt Poker and also runs an unofficial World Poker Tour Fan Site. He is the reigning World Champion of Roshambo, which is also known as rock, paper, and scissors.

He is an accomplished blackjack player and has featured in The Hot Shoe, blackjack documentary and also in his own instructional blackjack DVD, Beating Blackjack.

His poker career has so many records that it was chronicled in a two-part article in Card Player magazine. Andy Bloch has also been featured in the book Bringing Down the House which speaks about his accomplishments in the blackjack team.


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