Andrew Zellinger

Andrew Zellinger

Independent Business Consultant

Zellinger & Associates 

About Me

An experienced professional possessing a diverse range of skills in management and human resources consulting, Andrew Zellinger began preparing for his career as a student at Western Washington University, where he received a bachelor of arts in business. Later, he attended Iowa State University to earn a master of business administration in industrial psychology and a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology. Mr. Zellinger’s career commenced with a position in management development with Eastman Kodak, where he generated programs and analysis procedures. Later, he worked for Anderson Consulting and served as a consultant for King Chapman Broussard & Gallagher. Currently, he leads Andrew Zellinger & Associates, an innovative human resources consulting firm based in Oregon. 

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Andrew Zellinger gives back to his community through a variety of philanthropic and civic-minded endeavors such as participating in a community gardening project and contributing to his local food bank.


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