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AMES - Health Care Information and
Health Records Management Products 

One Financial Center, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111,
United States

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EMR Transition Solutions


HIM managers must begin their migration to electronic medical records (EMR) by assessing where their organizations are and where they want to go. AMES® is an ideal partner to help develop and execute on your EMR implementation plan. Our decades of experience in providing products and services to myriad health care institutions make us leading experts in physical filing and storage. In recent years, many if not most of our customers have implemented some form of electronic records technology, and we now offer multiple electronic products and services, as well. So we currently have more experience in EMR workflow and the hybrid paper/electronic space than almost any other supplier.


Health Information Planning Services


For medical records formatting and retention, incremental solutions have often proved more workable than wholesale changeovers. AMES can help organize patient charts and other active records. Some might remain in physical formats. Others might be back-scanned to begin your transition to electronic formats. All new records might be handled electronically as you move forward to EMR. We can also make sure your EMR transition schedule fully complies with regulatory demands such as, requirements in some states to retain patients’ physical records for 7–10 years.


Medical Records Scanning


A key part of the EMR transition: converting physical charts, X-rays, and other records to digital images. This requires an automated process to index, retrieve, scan, store, and maintain records. AMES® has the health care record expertise to perform medical records scanning cost-effectively, to your exacting specifications. We apply a tested, proven project management process across a range of imaging services that include planning, outsourcing, project support, and back-scanning. Our imaging professionals ensures you scan and convert only the paper files you need.


Patient Record Management System


The key to the emerging paper/electronic hybrid HIM environment is software that can integrate it all. AMES® offers TAB FusionRMS, an exceptional records management software system. It’s a comprehensive assemblage of powerful, proprietary, tailored software solutions that’s ideal for the hybrid health care records space. TAB FusionRMS modules handle everything from entry-level tracking to advanced imaging — all with enhanced security and optimized workflow.

Medical Records Outsourcing


Determining that a medical record has outlived its usefulness can be a daunting problem. Surprisingly, figuring out what to do with it then may prove equally challenging. AMES® medical records outsourcing offerings let health care organizations concentrate on patient care, while we provide a single-source solution for medical records storage throughout their entire lifecycle.


Patient Record Management Service


The history of HIM operations in many hospitals and clinics includes a long record of sudden expansions and relocations; uneven staffing supplies; incomplete implementation of new policies, procedures, and equipment; and successive waves of recordkeeping technology. The AMES® Streamline, Manage, Access, Retain, Toss (SMART) program provides your organization with an organized, effective — and proven — approach to patient record management. It’s designed with all the decades-long experience that AMES brings to medical records solutions.


Medical Records Outsourcing


Many health care facilities experience ongoing expansion of practically every activity and function they contain — except perhaps for file space and resources. So managers of medical records must often look to outside parties for assistance in records relocation, or even to undertake full responsibility for records handling functions. AMES® can help either way. When it comes to file moves and medical records outsourcing, we can offer both expert guidance on and hands-on implementation.


Medical File Folders and Accessories


The move to electronic medical records (EMR) is gathering momentum. But most health care providers must still keep plenty of paper files on hand — in that challenging space known as the hybrid records environment. When your medical records needs still have a physical dimension, turn to AMES®. We’ve been a leader in health care filing products and accessories since 1919. Our high-quality, durable, innovative medical file folders and related offerings are already specialized to match the specific needs of hospitals, clinics, physician practices, nursing and rehabilitation centers, and medical laboratories.



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