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AmeriClerkships Medical Society helps international medical graduates (IMGs) and international medical students effectively compete for U.S. residency programs. Family medicine physician and IMG Dr. Pedram Mizani founded the physician-managed organization in 2007. Dr. Mizani earned his medical degree from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine in Belize and overcame numerous obstacles before securing an internship and primary care residency in the United States. He went on to establish AmeriClerkships to share his experience and provide guidance to incoming IMGs and foreign medical students. To date, AmeriClerkships has played a critical role in placing more than 700 foreign healthcare industry applicants in residency programs. Of those 700 candidates, nearly 200 were for first-year PGY-1 residency positions. Those former and current first-year residents now collectively serve more than 60,000 patients annually. 

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