Amar Parikh

Amar Parikh


Industrial Aromatics.

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India based Industrial Aromatics manufactures and exports aromatic chemicals fragrances for cosmetics, candles, hair care products, detergents, soaps and incense sticks for buyers around the world. We have become a leading name in the field of perfumery compounds due to our constant innovation and quest for perfection.

We are manufacturer of soap fragrances resembling to the soap brands such as Camay, Lux, Fa and sandalwood. Similarly for detergent fragrances brands such as Ariel, Rin, Surf, Wheel can also be made available. With an emphasis on sensual scents Industrial Aromatics has added new fragrance in its range. The most unique scents are chosen for the soap, which are designed to spirit senses away to relaxation. Each fragrance will bring back emotional memories to all the users.


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