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What kind of waterproof clothing
should you buy? Some handy tips 

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Waterproof clothing, as you can guess, has the capacity to repel water. Typical clothing can get soaked into water, whereas waterproof material prevents the water from piercing in. Wet suits happen to be among the key examples of waterproof clothing. They’re in general worn by professional scuba divers. However, triathletes sometimes wear some special varieties of these suits during watersports. Triathlons comprise 3 sports, which are performed in a single race, namely running, biking, and swimming. But racers wearing such wetsuits have to keep these suits on throughout the whole race, in addition to the swimming phase. This means that the specialized materials used for this wetsuit shold be light, flexible, as well as extra strong, to make sure that the runner doesn’t get slowed down.

Yet another type of waterproof clothing is rain suits. A standard variety of rain suits comprise waterproof jackets or hoods, waterproof trousers and special waterproof shoes. And materials used for such kind of clothing generally designed to allow the air to leave the clothes (to ensure it’s breathable), while preventing the water from piercing in. The material might feel pretty much like plastic. Still, it’s in general made out of rubberized cloth or coated nylon. You could also find some products that make use of oil cotton, though it isn’t too popular. Other ordinary waterproofing materials like polyvinyl chloride and PVC are also common. They could be utilized for footwear as well as outwear.

Another type is GORE-TEX. This waterproofing element can be effectively used for different kinds of products, especially in clothing. It’s popularly used in regular elements like gloves, footwear or outwear. Actually, this material has especially been designed to make sure that the wearer stays dry and warm, no matter what the conditions of the weather is. Though nylon in general can soaks in virtually all sorts of liquids, you can turn it into effective waterproof clothing if you just coat it with Teflon. Just in case you did not know already, oilskin happens to be an excellent waterproofing system involving the use of oil for coating the cloth. And since this isn’t suited for all sorts of clothing, you won’t probably find it in too many cloth shops. There used to be lots of ancient tribes using this method, as they didn’t have any modern materials to create waterproof clothing.


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