Alexandra Goodson

Alexandra Goodson

Global Business Development - New Technologies

ABB Inc 

About Me

With a longstanding interest in battery technologies and the smart grid, Alexandra Goodson serves in a leadership role with the international power and automation firm ABB, Inc. Based in the Orlando area, she drives sales growth in the energy storage module and CSS spheres as a member of the Global Business Development New Technologies team. Alexandra Goodson’s background includes a degree in industrial engineering earned cum laude at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Alexandra Goodson’s undergraduate experience involved a number of internships, including a project engineering position with Las Vegas-based Perini Building Company. Working on a city center construction project, she managed daily reports that included personnel and subcontractor activities and compared plans with in-the-field milestones. Ms. Goodson joined ABB in 2009 in St. Louis as a business development associate. Her work involved careful coordination between marketing managers, front-end sales teams, and customers to ensure seamless operations. Outside of work, she has a passion for cooking and particularly enjoys preparing Italian dishes.


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