Alexander Salahshour

Alexander Salahshour

Alexander Salahshour Designs Personal Safety App for Realtors

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As founder of Beachwood, Ohio-based Agent Alarm LLC, entrepreneur Alexander Salahshour created the Agent Alarm mobile app for real estate agents to ensure their safety during engagements with clients. He designed the app with a panic button for users to manually send an alarm signal and location information to personal contacts and emergency services, as well as a safety check tool that automatically transmits a warning if its user-set timer expires. In charge of marketing and contract negotiations, Alexander Salahshour has positioned Agent Alarm as an official partner of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers and secured commercial availability of Android and iOS versions of the app on Google Play and the App Store, respectively.

More recently, Alexander Salahshour founded CellFamily LLC. He has received media recognition for the company’s development of a mobile app that protects teenage drivers from the dangers of texting and driving by disabling individuals’ smartphones when they are in control of a car. To facilitate distribution of the CellFamily app to thousands of potential users, Mr. Salahshour has obtained affiliations with such major organizations as AAA Northeast Ohio and Best Buy.

Complementing his work with Agent Alarm, Alexander Salahshour established the Vivian Martin Scholarship Fund, named in tribute to a Realtor murdered in the line of work. Under his direction, Agent Alarm contributes a portion of each app purchase to support the fund and its efforts to heighten awareness of violent threats encountered by real estate professionals.


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