Alexander Glinsky

Alexander Glinsky

Dedicated Law Enforcement Officer

Township of Edison - Police


About Me

Alex Glinsky was sworn into the Edison Police Department
( on December 24, 1985 by Mayor Anthony Yelencsics.

After receiving a two week in house training program Alex Glinsky started an
intensive 18 week training program at the Middlesex County Police Academy where he excelled academically. Upon graduation for the Middlesex County
Police Academy Alex Glinsky was assigned to the police departments Patrol Division where he was assigned a training officer for a period or four months.

During his career Alex Glinsky displayed a commitment of professional
development by completing hundreds of hours of training in police
procedures, legal updates and training methods. Alex Glinsky at his own time expense attended numerous seminars in NJ and Florida where he attended
seminars in Leadership and Supervision, Leadership and Supervision for
Police Officers, Advanced Criminal Investigation, Methods of Instruction,
Incident Command System, Highway Drug Interdiction, and The Specialty
School on White-Collar Crime.

Alex Glinsky received a Master of Arts in Human Resources Training and
Development from Seton Hall University, where he graduated with a 3.92 GPA and summa cum laude honors. He also obtained a Bachelors of Arts in
Public Administration from Kean University where he graduated with a
3.82 GPA.

Alex Glinsky was elected to Vice-President to his police union, PBA Local #75
in 2000 ( Alex Glinsky was in charge of the
Contract Negotiation Committee, Judiciary Committee and Employee Health
Alex Glinsky was promoted to sergeant in December 2004 and was assigned
to the patrol division. A supervisory position in a police force requires a
great deal of discipline and understanding, as well as the patience to apply
sound thinking and strategy to a team of law enforcement professionals whose jobs, by their natures, often lead to unexpected and sometimes dangerous situations. In his capacity as a Patrol Sergeant, he worked to maintain
public order by responding to emergencies, ensuring positive relationships
with community members and enforcing laws and regulations.

Early in 2009, Alex Glinsky accepted a position within the police departments Detective Bureau where he expertly coordinated and supervised the
investigation of various criminal cases, and ensured that procedures
remained in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. A respected expert on law enforcement, Alex Glinsky’s knowledge of legal
codes, precedents, court procedures, and inner-workings of the police
department were crucial to planning and carrying out investigations.

To improve both his abilities and his professional networking, Alex Glinsky
frequently maintained working relationships with other law enforcement
agencies, community leaders, and court staff. In many cases, he assisted
court personnel with their cases and testified in court about criminal activity.

During his time in Edison’s police force, Alex Glinsky earned numerous
accolades. He received a commendation for apprehending two suspects
allegedly involved in attempted robbery. He earned another commendation
for apprehending a suspect, who unlawfully possessed a MAC-10 machine
gun, and he also was awarded a commendation for assisting an officer who was attacked in the line of duty. Alex Glinsky saved the lives of individuals
trapped in an apartment complex fire, and he performed crowd control
during times of civil unrest.

Alex Glinsky still participates in the New Jersey Honor Legion and Narcotic
Enforcement Officers Association, the New York City Honor Legion, and the
Policemen’s Benevolent Association Local No. 75.

Alex Glinsky retired in 2011 after serving for 25 years as a decorated Sergeant and Detective in the Township of Edison Police Department in New Jersey.


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