Alan Middleton

Alan Middleton

Executive Director

Schulich Executive Education Centre

About Me

Schulich Executive Education Centre or SEEC is a reputable school of business located in Canada. The mission of SEEC is to teach students new and relevant business techniques. As the economy emerges from a recession, businesses are forced adapt to the changing business world around them. Industry leaders teach students who attend the training courses in business and education. Their training courses focus on learning current business trends, and developing close networks with others in a similar field. All training course are specifically customized in order to meet the needs of the student, or organization. This personalized approach is what guarantees success.

Dr. Alan Middleton is the current executive Director of SEEC. Before completing his degree at the Schulich School of Business, he spent 25 years at Esso Petroleum as a marketing practitioner. After 25 years of service, Middleton used his knowledge and experience to move up the corporate ladder, and he soon became Board of Director and Executive Vice for J. Walter Thompson. Dr. Alan Middleton completed his PhD at SEEC, and is currently using his extensive expertise in business and marketing to help students become more successful in their industry.

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