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Ahmad Safuan B.Sc

Sales Representative


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Business Opportunity With e-numX

e-numX members and users based have hit 23,000 now! e-numX is continue to grow their membership database and is look forward to hit 1 million members by December 2010.


e-numX targetted countries for new membership are:

1. Malaysia

2. Singapore

3. India

4. China

5. Indonesia

6. USA


e-numX is also looking for business partners of these above-mentioned partners:

1. Exclusive country partner ( ECP )

2. Exclusive state partner / province partner ( ESP )

3. City top up center ( CTC )

4. Mobile top up center ( MTC )


What is e-numX


E-numX is a e-num telecommunication and shared networking service that allows Members to make unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with ancient and new acquaintances. The services offered by E-numX.com include the E-numX.com website (the “E-numX Website”), the E-numX.com Internet messaging service, and any other features, content, or applications offered from time to time by E-numX.com in connection with the E-numX Website (collectively, the “E-numX Services”). The E-numX Services are hosted in the U.S.


I’m sure you got email, but do you have ENUM? Email is your global mailing address and ENUM is your global telephone number.


ENUM is not belong to any country and do not have specific country code. ENUM is started with universal code of 888.


You can make ENUM call with internet or lacking internet. That’s mean you can call from your PC, Laptop, Internet phone while you are online. Your calls is 100% free.


You can also make ENUM call with your mobile phone or landline telephone even if you are not online.Your call rate is local rate or even lower than local rate.


ENUM is free to apply and free to download.


Our Vision is to connect broadcast either online and offline. There are 2 billion internet users and 5 billion mobile and landline telephone users. These broadcast can be connected with each other via ENUM.


One ENUM , you can use it local and overseas. You can register your mobile phone with ENUM to call anywhere in the world with ENUM local rate.


Who is ENUM target market?


ESKY offer e-numX to individual and companies.


For companies, can be benefited from e-numX to save on their local and IDD telephone bills, SMS marketing, e-numX Advertisement and free calls among branches.


Individual can use e-numX to make IDD calls, web call, mobile call back, design personal website, blog and earn money through e-numX membership business opportunity.


Target Market:


1. Students – Campus Crowd Marketing


2. Business Owner


3. Travelers


4. Government Agencies


5. Foreign Workers


1. What is an e-NumX?

-This is an exclusive service provided by e-NumX. Never before offered in the USA. Invented and patterned by Jonathan Leong. This is your personal internet telephone Number, Referred to as e-NumX.


2. What is so unique about e-NumX?

-This is what makes e-NumX unique! This is the only service in the world that you can receive calls on your PC from any telephone anywhere in the world! No one else in the world offers this exclusive service


3. How does my e-NumX differ from other services?

-e-NumX is breakthrough technology available now from e-NumX . With your personal e-NumX, you can make call and receive calls from any telephone anywhere in the world.


4. How do I get my e-NumX?

-e-NumX issues you your personal internet telephone phone number to you for free. Just register on the web site, http://www.e-numx.com/


5. How do I make FREE calls?

-From your PC you can call to any PC anywhere in the world for free.Using a usb telephone or a receiver and microphone. Just inter their e-NumX and give them a free call. You need high alacrity internet service to make this call. The party you are calling must also register with e-NumX.


6. When is there a toll charge from e-NumX?

-Any time you make a call that is not an internet call. Calls to Homephone, cell phones & personnel number are toll charges.


7. What are the charges for toll calls?

-Lowest call rate in the world. Only .02 cents a minute for U.S. , Canada and top 40 countries. Other countries charge higher termination fees. See countries rate once you login into member’s page. Go under Enum -> Rate


8. Can I use my personnel, cell or home phone to make low cost calls?

-Yes, Available to you from e-NumX are the lowest call rates anywhere in the world. You can call from any telephone in the world directly to any telephone number in the world for only 2.9 ¢ /min, US, Canada and top 40 countries. Other countries are some what higher.


9. How to topup my e-Num air-time?

-Direct buy using eWallet .

-Through stokist (bank in/cash)


10. My country doesn`t have mobile stokist, how can I get the air-time

-You can use eWallet and if you don’t have access to internet, you can look for nearby country mobile stokist


11. What are the different between callback and direct access?

-Call back system will help you save money. For example: when you calling to our access number the bill already starting calculation. So when you use the call back system will help you save the money for making call to access number


12. Everywhere can I get the list of rates for e-Num ?

-You can get at your member page under eNum -> rate.


13. Will the credit air-time expired?

-Yes, after 6 months on first call


14. What is ANI?

-ANI stand for Automatic Number Identification everywhere the mobile number that you registered will be recognize by the system. ANI also called as ‘pin less’ system.


15. How to set a mobile number into the ANI?

-Login to e-Numx.com

-Go to Enum -> Call Background

-Insert the mobile number in the ‘Add New ANI’ box. The number cannot contained any symbols


16. How can I choose everywhere to position new account (weather left or right/ and under whose account)?

-You can choose to position new account anywhere you want as long as it is under your group.


17. I viewed my vertical tree and noticed broadcast down my line. Did you register them?

-Anyone from your up line can register broadcast and place them in your vertical tree


18. I chose 88810002272 for user id but 88810002790 appeared in the registry.

-When you click submit application, the page will reluctantly switch to the new member that you registered. To dodge this problem, please use e-numx.com homepage to register.




For more information, please visit our website at http://www.e-numx.info


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