Afghan Wireless

Afghan Wireless

Afghan Wireless - The largest cellular telephone service provider in Afghanistan

Afghan Wireless


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Based in Kabul, Afghanistan, Afghan Wireless Communication Company keeps its clients connected worldwide. The enterprise supports roaming services in 102 countries and 340 networks. Afghan Wireless offers consumers several roaming options, including prepaid, postpaid, and GPRS (general packet radio service) postpaid. The company’s website lists names and contact information for various partners that support roaming, depending on the selected plans.Afghan Wireless also provides many other service plan options, which vary in price, number of minutes included, and number of short message service (SMS) texts allocated. Individuals throughout Afghanistan’s 34 provinces can choose the plans that best suit their needs as the firm offers specific programs for professionals, youth, and data users. Furthermore, residents of Kandahar can enjoy Super Wi-Fi, which allows them to connect to the Internet from any location in the city.


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