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Sales analytics mini-apps
for nimble BI | Advantenon 

3500 Vicksburg Lane N., Suite 315, Plymouth, Minnesota,
55447, United States

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About Advantenon

Mini-apps for nimble BI.


Advantenon sells and customizes commercial-grade sales analytics mini-apps that allow sales executives to have single-purpose analytics and reports. Unlike spreadsheets, BI tools, CRMs and one-off micro apps, Advantenon delivers—in just days—small, highly focused interactive sales analytics applications that are built on a common set of integrated data sources so they all work together, but can be implemented one-by-one.


Advantenon's clients cross all industries and sizes; however, they all share some common characteristics: They’re tired of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on BI projects that drag on for months and disrupt their business, yet fail to deliver any real value. They want to leverage the information within their systems to nimbly attack new business opportunities. They’re willing to implement single-purpose mini-apps that deliver high value, and they want to move quickly and see ROI in weeks, not months or years. Advantenon delivers.


Unlike typical BI projects, Advantenon mini-apps:


* Can be deployed in just days, on any platform, even mobile devices

* Don’t disrupt your business

* Can often be implemented without burdening IT

* Have standardized low-cost pricing that’s within nearly any sales expense budget cap

* Deliver timely, useful, actionable data and meaningful analysis


Sales Analytics Mini-Apps


Customer Profitability mini-app


Most companies assume their best customers are their largest. But when you consider your real delivery costs—including discounts, returns, etc.—you may find that your most profitable customers are not your biggest.


* With Advantenon’s Customer Profitability mini-app, you can: Find out who your most profitable customers really are

* Compare pipeline data and closed deal data with comprehensive delivery costs

* Enable your reps to identify and spend more time with your most profitable customers, not just the high-maintenance ones



Sales vs. Invoice vs. Gross Profit mini-app


Sales teams are optimistic, and as a result, pipelines tend to be exaggerated. What you quote up front is rarely what shows up on the final invoice. And that gap can wreak havoc on your quarter. But imagine if you could see the discrepancies between what you quote and what actually gets billed.


* With Advantenon’s Sales vs. Invoice vs. Gross Profit mini-app, you can: Compare pipeline data with actual closed sale and invoice figures

* Identify real-time discrepancies between your pipeline and invoiced amounts

* Identify the actual gross profit on each sale



Up-sell/Cross-sell mini-app


When you close a deal, you turn that client over to your delivery or support team. But what happens when that client needs an upgrade or the latest add-on? Chances are, you have no idea. In fact, you may be oblivious to all kinds of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


* With Advantenon’s Up-sell/Cross-sell mini-app, you can: Identify new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

* Learn which clients are due for maintenance or upgrades

* Determine which clients to target with new products or services



Time-based Analysis mini-app


Everyone keeps saying that business is down—but which sales reps are in trouble and just how bad is it? Unfortunately, you won't know for sure until three weeks after the quarter ends, far too late to do anything about it. But imagine if you could compare today's pipeline to last year's at this point in time. You'd know immediately how much your business is off and where the gaps are.


* With Advantenon’s Time-based Analysis mini-app, you can: Compare today’s pipeline with the same period from last quarter or last year

* Quickly identify when business is up or down—and where



Projected to Actuals mini-app


Your pipeline is rock solid, but billing is 20 points off. And worse, you won’t even know about it until the quarter is over. Sound familiar? All quarter long, you rely on pipeline data to predict your actual performance. But it rarely does.


* With Advantenon’s Pipeline vs. Actuals mini-app, you can: Compare pipeline data with real-time actual from your financial and operations systems

* Determine in real time if billing is off—and where

* Determine which sales reps are likely—and unlikely—to hit their sales goals



Performance Against Plan mini-app


Comparing your sales team’s performance against plan is a top priority for most sales executives—but it’s rarely as easy as it seems. You need different spreadsheets for different regions, reps and managers—and different files for the actual plan/goal data. What’s more, you rarely have the ability to drill down and view the data at a micro level.


* With Advantenon’s Sales vs. Invoice vs. Gross Profit mini-app, you can: Combine pipeline data with plan data in one easy-to-use file

* Drill down to any level of detail you need

* Filter the data by virtually any variable you need



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Advantenon integrates your pipeline data with your sales plan data so you can compare them easily side by side in a dynamic, easy-to-read report.

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