advanced colleges of america

advanced colleges of america

Advanced Colleges of America Offers Many Financial Assistance Options

Advanced Colleges of America


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As the only school of its kind to offer a medical residency track and a diploma in advanced medical assisting, Advanced Colleges of America (ACA) helps introduces students who have practiced medicine outside of the United States to the American healthcare system while preparing them to become successful residency applicants. Training offered through Advanced Colleges of America incorporates both online classes and clinical externships.

Tuition varies depending upon the number of credits transferred and the program the student selects, but ACA provides many different forms of financial assistance. Students can receive a 10% discount if they pay in full after they sign their enrollment agreement, or they can receive a 6% discount for payments made every four months. There are also several loan options available, including a no-interest loan that allows for payments during a six-month period after the initial deposit is received.


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 Helping IMG Achieve U.S. Residencies.

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