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Streamlines the process for
publishers, enabling income generation. 

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AdUp Media - About:

An online company that helps publishers of web content generate income by allowing advertising on their sites, AdUp Media streamlines the process for publishers, enabling them to begin generating income quickly from their sites. Publishers are not required to make major changes to the formats of their sites because they can select whether to display text or banner ads or both. In addition, AdUp Media allows publishers themselves to determine the volume of advertising by specifying the number of ad blocks to display.

Because they understand that many different audiences are on the Internet, AdUp Media’s online tools and professional staff can provide a publisher with several options to enhance a website’s audience. The company knows that the advertising displayed on any particular website is based on the website’s content. For instance, a website about cooking and recipes will generate more advertising aimed at those interested in culinary activities and food. On the other hand, a website oriented toward classical music will generate completely different ads.

AdUp Media works hard to help alleviate some concerns that potential clients might have. A major concern for many publishers is the possibility that if they permit advertising, their competitors’ ads may be displayed. Because of this, the company allows publishers to block ads from any website they specify. Another concern is payment. Every time a visitor to a webpage clicks on an ad, a payment is generated from the advertiser to the publisher’s account. AdUp employs highly sophisticated tools to evaluate every click in order to ensure that payment is made only for legitimate clicks. These tools are critical to the system’s integrity. Publishers whose accounts at AdUp Media are at or above $50 may withdraw their earnings by simply requesting online that a payment be made to the publisher’s PayPal account or that a paper check be generated and mailed.

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