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At Action 1 Restoration our goal is to provide each of our clients a fast, friendly and professional home restoration experience. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of our restoration and remodeling work is insurance based and we file your homeowners insurance claim on your behalf. We work with most insurance companies to provide you fast and immediate results. In some states we provide a deductible insurance assistance program. Call your local office closest to you to learn more about that program. Visit to call one of our local offices.

Action 1 Restoration provides services for:
water damage restoration
water removal
storm damage restoration
mold remediation
fire damage repair
biohazard cleanup

What makes us different?
Available 24 Hours a day
Local Offices
Fast Response Times
Qualified and Trained
We work with your insurance
We file your claim for you
We offer deductible assistance

Action 1 Restoration is expanding across the country into new areas and cities. We find local contractors to partner with that will provide our customers faster services at an affordable price. Check out the


About the company

Action 1 Restoration provides emergency 24 hour restoration services for mold removal, water and fire damage repair. Our team partners with different local offices to provide fast and affordable home restoration and remodeling services.

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4318 Bingamon Branch Road New York, NY 10014
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