Look Up Page


Our philosophy is simple: online reputation matters! People google your name all the time to learn more about you. LookUpPage was created to fulfill the basic need to control the search results for your name.

Having a web page that ranks in the first search results for your name puts you in control of your online presence. It protects your good name, whether it's for your personal career goals or for the success of your business.

LookUpPage provides a unique and innovative solution to your online reputation needs. With LookUpPage:
  • You control a top search result for your name
  • People will find accurate information about you when they search for your name online
  • You can know how many people are looking for you, when and from where

Our advanced technology is built around three pillars:


Creating a LookUpPage is easy


Your LookUpPage gets a prominent position in all leading search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Top position is guaranteed for users who opt into our paid packages.


Our easy-to-use dashboard informs you about how many people are searching for you online, what search term was used and from where the search was conducted.

If you have any questions about LookUpPage, please visit our FAQs page or feel free to contact us at info@lookuppage.com.