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Alex Danvy

Project director
France | Industry: ComputerSoftware

Alex Dobson

Alex Dobson

Web Developer
United Kingdom | Industry: IT&Communications

Amitkumar Khanna

Office Manage
India | Industry: LegislativeOffice

daniel cox

United Kingdom

Daren Ellis

United Kingdom

Dominic Ikechukwu

United Kingdom

Dr. Mark R. Lonquist

Medical Director
United States | Industry: Medical

Eileen Finnegan

United Kingdom

EVI Capital Foundation

carries the social responsibility projects of EVI Capital Partners
South Africa | Industry: General

Ezam Uddin

United Kingdom

graphics designer

graphic designer
India | Industry: Design

Keely Mahony

United Kingdom

Leroy Hutchinson

United Kingdom

Loree Nichols

United States | Industry: RealEstate

Mark R. Lonquist

Medical Director & Physician
United States | Industry: Health&Wellness

Mark Rogers

United Kingdom | Industry: Consulting

Martin Willitts

United Kingdom

michael lord

United Kingdom

naval sandhyanshive

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